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Vietnam Visa fees will be plummeted from November 23, 2015
Vietnam Visa fees will be plummeted from November 23, 2015 The Ministry of Finance recently issued Circular No 157/2015 / TT-BTC replaces Circular No. 66/2009 / TT-BTC providing the regime of collection, remittance and use management of fee for issuance of passports, visas and papers sheet on entry, exit, transit and residence in Vietnam for two objects: Citizens Vietnam and foreigners; Vietnam persons residing abroad takes effect from the date of 23/11/2015.
Vietnam will drop its visa requirements for tourists from five more European countries in a bid to boost its slumping tourism industry from Jul-1-2015
Visa policy of Vietnam (Update and valid from Jul-01-2015)
Vietnam Visa policy map (Update and valid from Jul-01-2015) Vietnam Visa exemption (Updated and valid from Jul-01-2015)
Rush Vietnam Visa for National Public Holidays - Vietnam Visa on Arrival in Holidays time
We are a tourist service company can support you get Vietnam visa on arrival in urgent case for rush Vietnam Visa on arrival to get in in non - working time, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays in Vietnam. You can go to my website, Apply online for Vietnam visa on arrival and pay for visa service fee for Super Urgent case. The visa letter can be proceed daily and send to you via email with detail instruction to use. In Urgent case if you need the help or need discuss before do the Super Urgent case for Vietnam visa on arrival, you can call at hotline: (+84)-1-666-224-888 and email: We are always available to help you.
New Vietnam Visa entry and exit form
New Vietnam Visa entry and exit form The entry and exit form is an important document that you have to submit to the Immigration Officer when entering Vietnam. Since March 1, 2015, the old entry and exit form has been replaced by a new one which was renamed into Vietnamese visa application form. As such, the old form is currently invalid. So in case you received the old form for getting Vietnam visa on arrival at the airport from any travel agent, please ignore it, download the new version and fill it out and bring it together with you upon departure for Vietnam.
FAST TRACK SERVICE AT THE AIRPORT With the purpose help customer get visa stamp at Vietnam airport faster and easier when you arrival. We support "Vietnam visa fast track service". This is an OPTION service will be done by our company. Our assistant will wait for you at the entrance gate when your flight arrival, before going to Immigration Desk, with a paper write your name and passport number, they will help you prepare to pick up visa stamp on your passport faster, easier, save your time in queuing, you will feel better after a long time flight and tired.
Our office and Vietnam Immigration departments will close office from 29th Dec 2012 to 1st Jan 2013
Our office and Vietnam Immigration departments will close office from 29th Dec 2012 to 1st Jan 2013 Dear Clients! Happy New Year from
Vietnam visa 3 month multiple entry, visa on arrival new policy updated from June 2012
Recently, Vietnam Immigration Department has changed the policy for 3 months multiple entry visa (so called business visa). Accordingly, 3 months multiple entry visa need to be applied in Vietnam Embassy or must be guaranteed by Vietnam commercial company or organization to have 3 month multiple entry visa upon arrival.
For those who are going to stay in Vietnam for a long time are advised to get a Vietnam residence card which allows you to stay, enter and exit the county freely within a period of 1 to three year.
Latest News About 3 Month Multiple Vietnam Visa
In case you do not have a company in Vietnam to make guarantee for you, the applied approval fee must be USD 40/person.
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